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The Brisbane River Dragons Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe Club Inc is currently seeking sponsorship at a range of varying levels from interested businesses in Brisbane wishing to become a part of the development of this successful club and the associated sports of dragon boating and outrigger canoeing.

With our club competing in dragon boat competitions all around Australia and overseas with thousands of spectators, and participating in various social events, sponsoring our club is a great way to market your company and products.

Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating is one of the oldest sports in the world today, originating over 2000 years ago in the Southern provinces of China. The modern sport of Dragon Boating consists of a long canoe with twenty paddlers, a drummer, and a sweep to steer the boat.

The sport is one of the fastest growing sport categories in the world, and has now spread around the world from Canada and America, to countries all over Asia and Europe, as well as in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Outrigger Canoeing

Outrigger canoeing is a sport in which an outrigger canoe is propelled by means of paddles. Outrigger canoeing has grown from its roots in Polynesia to become a very popular paddling sport, with numerous sporting and social clubs located around the world.

Brisbane River Dragons

The Brisbane River Dragons Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe Club was formed in December 1998 in the aftermath of a corporate dragon boat regatta held by the Riverfestival earlier that year. Brisbane River Dragons is the oldest dragon boat and outrigger canoe club in Brisbane and now one of the biggest and most successful in Australia.

The club has a proud history and has enjoyed considerable success at national and international level winning the Champion Club Trophy for dragon boating at the Australian National Titles in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. Champion Masters Club in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

The club has also achieved considerable international success winning world championship medals including three (3) Gold, six (6) Silver and one (1) Bronze at the Club Crew World Championships held in July 2012 on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. BRD also medalled well in Ravenna Italy in the 2014 World Club Crews claiming four (4) Gold, two (2) Silver and two (2) Bronze medals. In Adelaide 2016 BRD performed exceptionally well at Club Crew World Championships wing seven (7) Gold, six (6) Silver and four (4) Bronze medals. The club is committed to growing the sport within Queensland and Australia and conducts a range of social and competitive activities to achieve this objective.

Sponsorship Opportunities

A number of sponsorship of opportunities are available at both Club and Event Sponsorship categories. These opportunities are detailed in the BRD Club Sponsorship Package for consideration.

 Brisbane River Dragons would highly value the support of your organisation in forming a sponsorship partnership to develop not only our club, but the sports of dragon boating and outrigger canoeing in general.

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship creates image. For example, the first alcohol-free lagers of Guinness needed to get rid of their "wimpish" image. To do so, Guinness sponsored motor racing to advertise their non-alcoholic lager, Kalibur. By associating their product with such an intense sport, they developed a macho image, and before they knew it, their sales increased dramatically. The same example applies to sports drinks such as Gatorade, which has sponsored many sporting events and organisations to increase their company name - and where are they now? They're making millions of dollars and even being advertised on television all over the world.

Brisbane River Dragons competes as a club in both dragon boat racing and outrigger canoeing around Australia and the world. Sponsorship of this proud club will also provide significant exposure opportunities for sponsors.

Sponsorship improves company image. Dragon boat racing is a very financially-demanding sport (the rental of boats, training equipment, training facilities, coaches, etc). Companies who give to the community are often approved by the public - by sponsoring our dragon boat club, you will be perceived as putting people above profit, and increasing the potential for more clients and customers. By sponsoring us, you give the public the right message, as well as advertise your product.

Sponsorship Contact

All responses and queries in relation to this sponsorship opportunity can be directed to BRD President Mark Slater on Mob: 0406 913 731 or Email:

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