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  • Pan Pacs 2018 - Dragon Boat

    Pan Pacs … What an amazing experience BRD! A great event with success on the water and a load of comradery and memories made on the beach.

    The Snr A ladies so gritty, sneaking into every repercharge, semi and grand final showing continuous improvement every race. The Open B men winning 500m Grand Final in the fastest time of the day in 2.05.91 .The Snr B ladies just missing 2 golds by millimetres.

    Snr B Mixed finishing 4th by 10ths of seconds in the 200m in a blanket finish (times in photo)

    It was so special have the BCS ladies paddling with us. These ladies are truly inspirational and we hope they become regulars in the sports boats.

    Gold Coast Club ran a fabulous event that ran smoothly across the three days.

    Our official results:

    Day 1

    • Senior A Mixed 500 4th
    • Senior B Mixed 500 1st
    • Senior A Ladies 500 5th
    • Senior B Ladies 500 2nd
    • Senior B Open 500 1st

    Day 2

    • Senior A Mixed 200 6th
    • Senior B Mixed 200 4th
    • Senior A Ladies 200 5th
    • Senior B Ladies 200 2th
    • Senior B Open 200 1st

    Day 3

    • Ladies Blue 4.8k (not posted as yet)
    • Ladies Gold 4.8k 2nd
    • Opens 4.8k 1st

    (4.8k no age restrictions-open to all masters)

    A successful weekend on and off the water. 

    This weekend our Outriggers take to the water and we wish them every success!


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