Scott and Kylie have been organising volunteer support activities on the Southside, call Scott on 0428 919 485 if you can help. Remember, it's an ongoing thing.

Janelle Pritchards offices at Boys Town were absolutely decimated. Janelle says we had a few BRD'ers arrive to help all armed with brooms, buckets and more importantly many sets of hands. She was overwhelmed by the support received from family, colleagues and paddling friends.

A number of staff are still in shock at the devastation and mess,  but with your support we'll get through and be up and running again soon.

One of the best things anyone can do for BoysTown (now Your Town, as at 3rd March 2016) now is to support our Lotteries or to make a donation. If interested please help them by going to

Janelle says, so much was achieved today by many.  Thank you, thank you.

Di Long, her offices just a round the corner from Janelles, were also badly affected with pottery equipment and supplies ruined. Once again, they had a number of helpers with the clean up.

Help where you can guys.

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