Another golden day for BRD.

All teams once again medaled with the exception of the Grand Masters Opens 10's. Unfortunately, due to some mix ups in the final - both teams ended up with 9 paddlers only - and that's just too much power to lose in a 200m 10's race. We finished 4th and 5th.

Prems appeared for the first time, in the 10's, and medaled in all events. Ladies excelled winning gold.

Results for Day Three - 200m 20's were as follows:-

  • Grand Masters - Ladies - Gold
  • Grand Masters - Mixed A - Gold
  • Grand Masters - Mixed B - 5th (but oh so close)
  • Masters - Open - Bronze
  • Masters - Ladies  - Gold
  • Masters - Mixed - Silver

Results for Day Three 200m 10's were as follows:-

  • Grand Masters - Mixed A - 5th
  • Grand Masters - Mixed B - 4th
  • Premiers - Open - Silver
  • Premiers - Ladies  - Gold
  • Premiers - Mixed - Bronze


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