Last update Wednesday, 6.40pm

Day three saw BRD power to 3 Golds and 2 silver.

BRD dominated the 2000m events winning Masters Open and Women, by 24 sec and 10 secs respectively. Premier Women were the stand out crew of the day, winning Gold by a solid 7 secs. Our second Premier Women's crew finished 9th out of 15 teams, an excellent effort. Premier Open performed admirably, picking up 5th from about 18 crews.

The 200's were much tougher, but BRD managed 2nd in Masters and Grand Masters Mixed. The second GM crew once again made it to the final and managed a credible 6th.

Both Prem Mixed teams made it to the semi finals, but wern't quite able to make it through to the finals.

Day four, the last day, see's Open and Women's 200m - then we're done.


Day two saw no golds for BRD, but still great results.

It was another day of 500m but for Ladies and Open crews. Grand Master Women kicked off the day but were ouclassed by other crews and managed a solid 4th.

BRD had two Prem Women crews, so resources from GM women were also used here, as well as Master Women. The no. 1 crew excelled and manged a bronze medal. A great effort. The other prems ladies crew got to the reparcharge rounds.

Master Women picked up Silver, but this was in jepardy, when the Ice Dragons crew, who were run into by another crew in the final, and finished 4th, got to repaddle, by themselves, for their time to be used against other times in the final. They ended up 3rd.

Prem Open had to go through a repair charge, but got into the final, finishing 5th, great experience for the new paddlers to see what it takes to medal at Nationals.

Grand Master Open qualified fastest for the final, but all credit to Nowra and Canoe Red Plus, who got first and second. BRD picked up Bronze. The no. 2 team finished a credible 7th.

Masters Open saw two BRD take part. Finishing 2nd and 5th. Once again Canoe Red Plus pipped us on the line, as in 2011.

Prem Mixed 2000's from day one finally got on the water with us finishing 6th out of 19 teams. Grand Master Women finished 4th and looked great on the water.

Day three is Mixed 200's and hopefully the open and women's 2000's missed today. Stay tuned.

Day one saw Grand Masters Mixed take Gold in both the 500m and 2000m. The no. 2 GM mixed team got into the final in the 500m, and finished a strong 6th, gaining valuable club championship points. They also performed well in the 2000m, with an excellent 5th.

Prems also had two mixed team, with one into the major final and coming 5th, the others through to semi semis. The 2000m were postponed due to bad light and will be run later.

Masters mixed were just pipped on the line for 2nd, and whilst not official, we believe they have won the 2000m.

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